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Stormfront's Special AI Thingamajig - Part 2
UmarQureshi4 (1)

So, thanks to @InvisibleOne for the help on the AI thingamajig. But even with the suggestion made by @InvisibleOne, out of all three selections for the option Build, at least two of the options on the list are the same. What is ze solution?

<Umar Qureshi>

UmarQureshi4 (1)

@InvisibleOne suggested an idea to make sure every option that you select is unique. But the problem is still appearing. @InvisibleOne had this idea:

Have all your choices in a list:

list = ['bla bla bla', 'lol', 'another choice']

then when you pick one of those choices using random, remove that choice from the list so it won't be picked again

choice1 = random.choice(list)
choice2 = random.choice(list)
# and so on
Coder100 (18893)

please explain,
where did these option come from?
What tool/software are you using?

VulcanWM (2890)

Can you explain more better? wdym?