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Storage limits
AarjavKavathia (5)


I just want to know how much storage I can get per repl, not the entire account, and how much storage per file.

Answered by ch1ck3n (2388) [earned 5 cycles]
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ch1ck3n (2388)

there are no limits for files, just only 500mb all added up.

ruiwenge2 (1209)

@ch1ck3n according to @Coder100, it is 500mb per repl (weird right?)

ch1ck3n (2388)

@ruiwenge2 yeah the pricing isnt that clear

but 500mb per repl seems a bit too much for me

Coder100 (18930)

its 500mb per repl

there is no total limit.

Coder100 (18930)

no ch1ck3n is wrong
its 500 mb per repl

there is no restriction on total repls, and no restriction per file.

ch1ck3n (2388)

@Coder100 hmm but 2gb per repl seems only a teeny tiny bit too much

Coder100 (18930)

no its 500mb per repl

and are you a dev of replit

who are you to say what is too much and what is too little @ch1ck3n

Coder100 (18930)

ok but I still have enough repls to go over the 500 mb limit if your theory was true @ch1ck3n