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Storage Issue

Bruh so I got the hacker plan but even with hacker I still cannot install Manjaro Linux. How much do I have to pay to unlock more storage and how do I do that I cannot find a more top plan other than teams for edu but that is for schools and super expensive. helppppp pls this is to get windows on replit :(

Answered by RoBlockHead (521) [earned 5 cycles]
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RoBlockHead (521)

You can’t install operating systems on top of replit. You currently can’t pay for more storage, as 400MB is the maximum amount of storage available per repl. If you need to use window systems, there’s one built in. You can see it by just typing firefox in the shell of a bash repl.


@RoBlockHead Oof ok, I think ill make my own website and host my own server for the windows online project to be free of the restrictions