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1 Database / External use


Hello, I want to migrate my discord bots to running on my personal local server, however I still want to use an online database.
I've had good luck with using the replit database, and I know how to get the URL of it, but how can I interact with my database on my computer within an async python script?
I do not want to use pickle or a local JSON (I can use a local JSON if there are no other options). My only intention with the database is to overwrite it with the local one, as to save it to the cloud.

2 years ago
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Start with this in a Repl (replit):

from os import getenv print(getenv("REPLIT_DB_URL"))

Now that we have your db url, use this in your computer's IDE:

from os import environ environ["REPLIT_DB_URL"] = "<INSERT YOUR DB URL FROM ABOVE HERE>" from replit import db

You can now use it on your local machine with that file.

8 months ago