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So, there are a lot of things in this post

Main questions

My main question is what is the difference between and the explorer badge for Does the get newer features or what?

Join me

I need help with a C++ project I am hoping to also release on New Year so if you want to join, please say in the comments.


Those of you who are on the project(you will know by clicking on this link) please finish the last things left to do. I have made a lot of changes to the website so if you kindly can see the ROADMAP and finish the last changes(other than the last 2), it would be nice. @TsunamiOrSumth you know photoshopping so photoshop the logo for us to use as a favicon. I hope you know how to insert favicons to a website cause I don't know how to.

I think that is all, c ya later. Please answer me in the comments.

Answered by CodingCactus [earned 5 cycles]
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CodingCactus is even more unstable than explorer mode, general questions such as this can go to


Ok, sry, but I also had other qs @CodingCactus


Also, I love your new profile pic. AWESOME! Cati Santa coming your way. @CodingCactus


Staging servers are testing servers.

I need help with a C++ project

What's the project?


I can't tell you the project cause I want it to be a secret but the problem is a leaderboard. I am trying to add a leaderboard but it is very hard. The leaderboard is in a file and I need to constantly change the leaderboard. Right now the project is in a state with many errors. @programmeruser


From clicking the link, looks like it gives me like the kinda "advertisement" for, show casing all the features such as the IDE, repl talk, collaboration, no setup, etc. Basically it just tells you about the site in a great manner and tries to get you to sign up and use it lol.

The explorer badge is this:

and can be activated by going to account >> roles >> check "explorer".

Like it says:

Explorers help test new features, but sometimes we make mistakes. If something isn't working right, please let us know. You can remove this role to hang up your explorer's hat until we get things fixed.

For your other questions, I know some C++ but not that much lol.
And the project idk.

Good luck! =)


Can I invite you to the project? Join the GitHub org here. It is ok about the C++. Also if you sign in to staging then it gives you the new features too. means the newer features. Like has the newer features of discord. @Bookie0


@Whippingdot Which project? Seems like it's about a website, unfortunately my HTML CSS JS skills are pretty low..


Oh, it is ok, but join the org anyway. The project is a project for, where we create a simple website for them. The org is not only for that project, you can create many projects there, if you join you will see. @Bookie0