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LittleNomster (113)

So I've noticed some people complaining about lack of moderation around here. I was wondering how do people become moderators?

Answered by Zavexeon (1187) [earned 5 cycles]
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Zavexeon (1187)

Hmm, well, reputable members were selected when I made the post pointing out a lack moderation. I'm not sure if Amjad is currently searching for more moderators.

LittleNomster (113)

i hope maybe one day i can help

eankeen (2045)

i don't think there is a formal process for becoming a moderator right now. from what it seems, people are chosen on an as-needed basis, so no, i don't think there is a direct path to become a moderator :P

LittleNomster (113)

on this sight not discord