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Operating System?
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Operating System?

After looking at an emulated CPU made by

, I was wondering if you could make an operating system with it. I was first thinking of a simple terminal, but then I got a rather ambitious idea of making a TUI (Terminal User Interface) that could access information from the emulated CPU, making it a legitimate operating system.

The only problem is:

This is too ambitious and my puny brain cannot survive if I made this all by myself, I don't know all that much about computers, I don't know assembly, and all of these TUI packages are kind of confusing.


I need people. Any volunteers?


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For a legitimate operating system, you technically do.

I think we're mixed up on our definition of an operating system. My idea of an operating system is a program that accesses information from a CPU to make the computer usable.

An operating system doesn't necessarily need to have apps, and a clock, and such. It simply needs to get information from the CPU. The definition of an OS is very vague, but it basically just needs to bridge the gap between hardware and software.

But if your talking about an OS that simply emulates the style of the OS' that we use today, then yes, you are correct.