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Something appear after scrolling
WilliamXing (43)

In CodingCactus's Make an intro repl, when you scroll to the Classrooms part, it'll appear. How can you do that?

IcynDevz (744)

are you talking about HTML?

CodingCactus (4138)

look at the script.js file and you see that when someone scrolls it checks if any elements are above it and it adds the show class to them. the show class makes the element visible (using css)

WilliamXing (43)

Could you please send me an example code? @CodingCactus

WilliamXing (43)

Yes, I know. But could you send me something specifically made to appear after scroll? @CodingCactus

CodingCactus (4138)

@WilliamXing all the code in script.js does that

WilliamXing (43)

Okay, but I feel like we need some extra HTML/CSS. What is that? @CodingCactus

Coder100 (16869)

Yeahhh, that's a really cool effect

let me get the tutorial


what do you mean by it'll appear