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Invalid Syntax
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how do i fix this? (line 53)

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Some suggestions:
Pick more meaningful variable names, as they will help you achieve better readability.
Edit your code for proper indentation.

Regardless, I edited the indentation of your program, which you can find below.

def main(): list = ["hamburger", "steak", "mac and cheese"] #List print("What is your favorite main course out of these?: ", len(list)) print(list) a1 = input("") #variable if a1 == "hamburger": print("That sounds delicious") print("What condoments would you like on your burger?") condement = input("") list.remove("hamburger") print(condement) while True: #condement question print("To clarify, you want", condement, "on your hamburger?") cq =input("") #variable if cq == "yes": print("sounds good!") break else: continue elif a1 == "mac and cheese": while True: print("Sounds delious, what kind of cheese would you like on your macaroni?") mq = input("") print("just to make sure you want", mq, "on your macaroni?") mq2 = input() if mq2 == "yes": print("ok, thanks for clarifying") break elif mq2 == "no": continue elif a1 == "steak": while True: print("Sounds good, how would you like it done") sq = input("") sq2 =print("So you would like your steak done", sq) if sq2 == "yes": print("Sounds good") else: continue main()