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Some code deleted long ago, but replit is still using it
Archonic7 (2)

Replit is doing some things including printing debug messages that have been deleted since a few days ago. Other parts of code still work, but for some reason there are still some “fossilized” pieces of code that are still in there even though I have already deleted them. Examples:

  • Debug messages (mentioned above
  • Not printing error in catch statement (used to just say “Invalid value.” I changed it to make it print the error after, but it doesn’t do that.)
    Go ahead and mess around with my repl, you’ll see that there are some sent messages that aren’t even in my code.

@Archonic7 I think it’s not getting an error. That’s why your catch isn’t working. Or it could be a different error

Archonic7 (2)

@TestOP But, even then, why would it still be printing debug messages that you can't even ctrl+f for in my code?


@Archonic7 wdym it all works fine


Try reloading