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Social Media Website
VulcanWM (2912)

What are the features of a social media website?

Coder100 (18934)

lots of things

  • making posts
  • making profiles (accounts)
  • a comment section for each post
  • reporting bad posts
  • profile pictures
  • sorting by hot new and top

and most importantly

  • meaningless internet points :DDDD
VulcanWM (2912)

thanks! and yeah im definitely doing meaningless internet points @Coder100

Kaarre (0)
  • Posts and comments => (creating, editing and voting + timestamp => (important for sorting))
  • Profiles (mandatory, but nicknames aren't.)
  • Categories
  • Post sort method => (category, all categories) => (new, top => (today,last week,last month,last year,all time))

To build on @Wumi4 's explanation a little bit, I would say that a social media website has these features:

  • Post
  • Profile
  • Trending
  • Login and log out
  • Groups/servers (example as in Discord servers)
  • Like/dislike posts
  • Friend a user
  • Notification alerts
Wumi4 (542)

If you mean social media, then:

  • Posts
  • Follow people
  • Login/Logout
  • Hot posts/New posts/Whatever
  • Like post/Share post
  • Report inappropriate post
  • Create new post
  • Notification

Those are, in my opinion, the most basic features of a social media. You can add or change it.

I think you can take Mastodon as an example.