why I'm unable see the background image and justify the text to right side? HTML-Css

Hello, I'm making a discord bot plus its dashboard in python using HTML and CSS and I'm unable see any background image on the top-left and justify is also not working.

I didn't put the the repl.it package cuz its have all the discord secret token

Here is the code

*html code



*what it looks

Help Me!!!

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So number 1, you have some typos in your code:

This should be:

Number 2, you need some <br> tags to make the text visible, as it is hidden under the navbar. You should add the <br> tag right before the text.

Number 3, to make the logo visible as the background, you have to do this:

That should work for the background image.

Number 4, to make the text justified right, you should add the following to the <p> tag:

That should work. Let me know if this works and you need any other stuff!


@JBloves27 No that doesn't :sad: I want the navbar text (that are Home, Features, G8 vs others... to be right as in the css) and text below navbar I will fix that later and the image also won't show!! Should I remove G8_logo.png the _ ???


Ok! So maybe add the following to the navbar:

That should work, and you could add that style to the css.

For the image, do you have it in the files?
If yes, another question, is the image supposed to be the background, or a side logo?
If no, try downloading the photo, and inserting it in the files tab.

Nah, for now, keep the image, lets see if we can do something with it :)


Yes, the image is in files (of Repl.it, oc)
and yes navbar texts are working but why it did not work with the css file? and check the css file, why it is not doing so whch it was intended to do?


Ok, so is it supposed to be a logo? or part of the background?
Ok, it seems like you don't have any styling that actually affects the navbar to become justified right. @Gamin8ing


The image will be a logo on top-left side, and yes I thinks it doesn.t have right, LOL


Sorry for the late reply, but anyways.
To make the logo on the top left, you should do something like this:

Then the css would be this:

This should work! :) @Gamin8ing


Hey @JBloves27, sorry for late reply!
but I found a solution, instead of ../ in url() i typed / and it worked with a charm!


Ah, ok! Glad you found the solution! @Gamin8ing


Thanks for all your effort! And time too!🙏


Lol, np! @Gamin8ing