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So isn’t apps basically the same as this talk area?
MisledWater79 (0)

The only thing I really see in apps is that its only for sharing your code and art and with a cover image. so basically just this talk section but with a couple new things. right? Let me know if I’m missing something with apps.

InvisibleOne (2990)

Like @VulcanWM said, it's meant to be fun and cool, as well as trying to move away from upvotes. Since a lot of people beg for upvotes and spam to get them, which creates a bad experience for other users, as there is a lot of spam. Honestly this platform is about sharing code and learning, not getting upvotes and having the most internet points.

VulcanWM (2769)

Apps is the easier way to see fun apps people have made because ReplTalk has questions, templates, tutorials and other stuff
Apps just has fun apps by people