How do I make a currency system?

Can someone please tell me how to make a Discord bot currency system?! I’ve searched EVERYWHERE for an answer! I’m using Python on Someone please tell me how to make a currency system!

I have asked on Reddit before, and people just told me to use json files or SQLite. Now, I have no idea how to use these things. Can someone please tell me how to use them, or, even better, give me some code that I can use to make a currency system.

Amjad Masad sent me here. Thanks.

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So here is how u store data in a file:
So depending on how u wanna store it it:
If u want to save currency per user per server, have it store in the dictionary as:

or if u want a user to have data cross-server:

If u have any more questions, or would like a better example, feel free to reply. Please mark as correct if this solves your question.