Gmail Ringtones


If you open Gmail (google mail), and click on the settings icon on the navbar above, and then click all settings, you will come to a page where it lists all settings.
If you scroll down until you come to the part of desktop notifications, you will see a list of mail notifications.

If you click on the dropdown, it shows an entire list like.

  • Welcome
  • PiggyBack
  • Shrink ray
    ... and more.

could somebody give all those ringtones? Like, you could post it in the comments, and I will download it.

They need to be the exact ringtones that Gmail has.

If you have any doubts or questions, please ask.


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Answered by SixBeeps [earned 5 cycles]
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@SixBeeps hi, i have a problem with the files you gave. So I'm trying to play these files, and they aren't working. I figured out that the reason was because almost all of the files you gave were 0 seconds long. So replit isn't playing them.

Just to make sure, I tested out other files that are at least 1 or 2 seconds long, and they worked. Could you give the same files again, but this time, please make them 1 second long. Or 2 if 1 is not possible.