Why is replit adding MORE, MORE, and MORE ads to upgrade?

So, they added an ad in the homepage so we see the ad every single time we visit replit

Also, they added a button below the new repl button to upgrade

For the users that already upgraded, replit gives them offers to extend their plan ( saw it in someone elses screenshot )

Then recently i noticed if you tap the toggle with the earth symbol near repls, it will give a popup!!!

Hey replit team, i understand you need money but do you really need to go this far??? Not all of us can and want to upgrade so please dont keep persuading us to upgarde its kind of annoying for me

Also im speaking out because nobody else seems to complain... or maybe you deleted the posts?

Ps yes you can unlist or even delete this post / account and there's nothing i can do about it, but that just gives replit a bad reputation tbh

My question is WHY are you adding so many ads?

Also if it isnt obvious enough please stop the ads

I hope the replit team will respond truthfully. Thanks

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@SixBeeps hacker plan