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How to include a dependency if compiler is being killed?
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This is my first non-trivial project using Replit. I am making a Literate Programming REPL, and using a forked tool written in D. I can clone the Literate repo but when I cd into it and make, cc1d is being killed. From searching the error, it looks like the D compiler hit a limit, probably too much memory.

The REPL is for C++, but I am going to be using the (D) lit tool to preprocess the program and output the .cpp files.

What's the best way to solve this problem? I've tried uploading the compiled lit and tangle binaries from my local machine, but they are missing shared libraries.

I remember Amjad tweeting that Replit uses the Nix package manager. Should I learn Nix and import it as a package?

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@SixBeeps Sounds good, I'll work on making a nix package.