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How to solve this?


I am stumped on this question. I re-read the entire lesson plan and I am still unable to solve this. Any ideas?

function lottoTicket(age) {
const valid = "Thanks for your purchase!"
const invalid = "Purchase denied. Try again when you're older."
if(age > 18) {
else {

ageAlice = 12

ageBob = 20

// declare a variable to save Alice's lottoTicket autoresponse and another to save Bob's lottoTicket autoresponse

2 years ago
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So I removed ageAlice = 12 altogether to try to solve one at a time since i can't seem to get both. I added "lottoTicket('Bob') under the ageBob = 20, and "I'm still getting purchase denied. Try again when you're older."
I also tried "console.log(lottoTicket('Bob'));" and I still got the purchase was denied message.

2 years ago