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Java and C# Console window height has changed and is inconsistent
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I have written a text based game engine in Java (then ported it to C#) that essentially turns the Console window into graphical canvas.

And up until recently the Console window in both languages could be drawn at a "resolution" of 120x50

Then about a month and half ago something changed on the repl side for the C# Console. The window was getting cut off in both directions. I had to modify my maximum screen resolution down to 80x24

The Java window was still the original resolution, until last night. A bunch of my students noticed their normally 120x50 window was getting cut off vertically. And what I found was that it too somehow got locked to a max height of 24.

But this is inconsistent, some students were able to get the full canvas size by changing their screen resolution and reloading I attempted this fix, but it did nothing for me.

Has anyone seen anything like this or know why/how it happens and a solution or workaround?

Thank you for your time.

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Agreed, but this does not explain the sudden change. Even if I do use these functions to dynamically determine and set the resolution, my grade 10 students will be flabbergasted when their code visually looked one way on one day then completely different the next with no code changes. Not ideal.