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Site going insecure

I am collaborating with a fellow repler (tussiez), and he and I are experiencing a problem where the site goes insecure. If you click the little "i" icon to the left of the address (chrome), it says the site is not secure and doesn't show a certificate. However, in dev tools it says certificate is valid and trusted, but doesn't allow you to view the certificate. It also says "This origin is a non-HTTPS secure origin." This is the same message I get in localhost, so I don't get what is happening (since I am going to the https URL of the site).

I think this may have to do with service workers, as my other site I made myself has this problem too, and it runs a service worker (as well as the site I am collaborating on with tussiez). Could this be a problem, or is it just something with service workers? I really would appreciate the help.

Answered by Coder100 [earned 5 cycles]
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well, what's the URL?

I doubt service workers and any of that actually change anything, but for the most part, HTTPs should be working.


@Coder100 I think it might just be that I was serving main files from cache, but IDK. Works better now that I stopped serving main files from cache.



pretty secure if I say so myself

one thing you should try is to make all urls relative, so to not prevent automatic http assignment


@Coder100 Yeah, IDK why that was happening. Otherwise, eh.


eh http is no big deal, as long as you don't use any sockets, it should be very boring to hack (if you can at all) @Baconman321


@Coder100 It's more that it requires https for PWA and service workers


then you need to add a https to the front of it. when it's lacking.


@RYANTADIPARTHI As I told programmeruser, there is https in the url, it's not showing security tho. Like I said, it may just be that I'm serving some of the main pages from cache. I don't know...