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Should working code in Replit work directly in Android Studio?

Hi all, I have written a very basic diabetic app/code in DART on Replit and it works (I'm very new to programming). I would like to turn this into a FLUTTER/DART app within Android Studio. How can I turn the code I have written in Replit into an app in Android Studio?


not exactly.

the things you see on replit are dart terminal apps. They can't be ported to dart mobile apps and vice versa.

But the language is the same so you can use replit to learn the dart language


Thank you @Coder100 for your reply. So is it a case of simply copying each line of code one by one from Replit to Android Studio to see which lines work and which don't or is there a convertor available that converts Replit Dart Terminal app code to Dart mobile app code?