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Should I update my kahoot bot so that it now works
JamesGordon1 (150)

A few months ago I made a Kahoot bot and it got kinda popular but recently repl updated and now it no longer works. If this post gets enough support I will recode my Kahoot bot so that it now works.

CodeMaster007 (109)

Yeah! Definitely! I remember when your original Kahoot bot was released and it was so cool! Looking forward to seeing the revised bot!

JamesGordon1 (150)

@CodeMaster007 thx, because repl and kahoot have both updated it has been a pain to get it working reliably and stable

InvisibleOne (2961)

What isn't working in it?

JamesGordon1 (150)

@InvisibleOne It is now not connecting at all but it looks like it is a problem with Kahoot adding more elements so now I am investigating the isue