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Should I learn HTML
rickysong (37)

I dont know HTML but I would like some suggestions so I can choose!

Answered by Coder100 (19280) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (19280)

You can learn HTML if you want to make frontend projects and participate in the weekly ;)
it's always nice to know more languages to get a bigger perspective in things.

Also, it's very very easy to learn, probably will take you a week or so.

kannibalistic (193)

if you like html you can learn it. every launguage has its uses.

IMayBeMe (615)

In my opinion, no. Html isn’t even an actual programming language and is just a slightly inconvenient photoshop. Sure it’s used for front end but unless you specifically want to do that you might as well learn a real lang like C or Rust. You could go even lower level and maybe mess around a bit with assembly or binary (you can’t actually code in binary but you can get a feel for how it works)

JacklinAlbert (0)

If you are looking for a career in web development you should most definitely invest your time in learning HTML. All the designers at web development UK service know the basics of HTML as it is the fundamentals of all languages and is extremely important.