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Should I learn C++?

i just wanted to ask if I should learn C++ and what you think are the best resources for me to learn it. any suggestions would be cool. oh and also which compilers and IDE's do u think i should use and which are best for a Mac (i hate macs but unfortunately i dont have any other).


C++ is a nice lower-level language that has memory management, but because it has memory management, you can get a lot of headaches like segmentation fault (core dumped) which are absolutely garbage errors (doesn't tell you where, what, why, etc.).

A pretty 'equivalent' language I recommend is rust, take the examples of hello worlds:

Rust was designed so you wouldn't have to memory manage so much using the ownership system, which effectively removes a whole class of bugs and errors in the compile-time, at the cost of a steeper learning curve.


C++ is nice at the cost of being slightly annoying to write, and really confusing syntax in more advanced code.

Rust is very good with being a clean syntax and having very friendly errors, at the cost of a steeper learning curve.

I learned C++ first and then tried out Rust.


VSCode supports both c++ and rust via extensions.

C++: (G++)


c++ is hard, but if your in for the challenge, its a great way to exersize your mind.


Yes anyone can learn C++ but before you have to learn the HTML language that must be basic for programmers. Before Ghost book writers I was a web developer and doing well in the field but unfortunately, I became a writer for few years but I think you should have to do those things in which you have an interest.


Yeah it's great to learn about the C++ and you can learn it from anywhere in this forum or others and also Aws SAA-C02 Exam Questions is a great thing to be consider.


Learning C++ is the best way to build real-world applications. It has a rich set of tools that can be used for anything from small projects to large enterprise codes. Throughout the internet, there are so many resources available, but here are some of my favorites:
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C was created for use with the UNIX operating system, and it still shines when it comes to operating systems today. This makes C a solid choice to learn if you're into learning operating systems and want to take a crack at doing something different with the OS layer. C and C++ are both somewhat difficult to learn to program well. However, in many respects, they share many similarities with many other popular languages. In that sense they're just as easy (or as difficult) to learn, at first, as anything other programming language Get it here.


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C++ is really good is you have had an experience with another programming language, if you are a beginner, i don't recommend it; If not, C++ is a good option. Also use the CLion IDE from jetbrains.


I think you should. Because c++ is hard and advanced and more harder than python.


Yes! I think C++ is a good advanced language and if you are up for the challenge, try to learn it! I personally never used it however a few friends did and although they said it was “extremely” difficult, they said it was worth it.
The best resource I would use to start learning C++ would be W3Schools. If that doesn’t ring a bell, think of the website where everyone goes to start learning HTML and CSS. If you prefer to use the old handbook method rather than online, I would suggest using the books created by the brand “FOR DUMMIES”. They have a wide selection of “how to do” books including pretty much everything and as it turns out, they also have a few books on C++.
For the IDE to use, I would say Replit. Repl has a fantastic IDE, (with dark mode enabled) and is extremely convenient and helpful. The reason it would be on my number one list is because you can use it practically anywhere, which is a big bonus for me. If you would rather use a compiler that runs on your pc rather than a virtual machine, then I would use Visual Studio Code. And so going back to your first question, yes. If you think learning C++ is worth learning, go for it!