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Should I break my tutorial into 2 parts?
Kookiez (389)

I've written a tutorial (almost done!) and wanted to ask whether I should break my tutorial into two parts.

It's long, but of course not as long as @EpicGamer007's Java tutorial. Mine is about 700 lines long, but not finished yet ;)

Should I? Or should I not...

Danke! Gracias! Merci! Thanks!

Baconman321 (1059)

Two parts might confuse people.

I recommend 1 part. Besides, you can always use headers to split it into parts.

Part 1

Lorem ipsum

Part 2

Whatever comes after that becusz I sucks at laten D:

Kookiez (389)

@Baconman321 Yeah, I did split up my tutorial in parts, such as "If Else" and "Hello, World!" and stuff like that.

IntellectualGuy (690)

What are you making the tutorial about?

xxpertHacker (861)

If it's all in once, people will lose interest in reading it. For example, I have a long attention span, but @EpicGamer007's Java tutorial was... long.

If it's not even over 700 lines, just send it at one.

Kookiez (389)

@xxpertHacker I mean... yeah, but then it would be considered cycle squeezing by 99% of the community

Zavexeon (1188)

If the two parts can function separately, then yes. That meaning, at the end of the first tutorial, someone has a finished product.

Kookiez (389)

@Zavexeon what about if it's a tutorial about how to learn a language? (such as c)

Zavexeon (1188)

@Kookiez Yes that can be split up, as long as each lesson teaches a topic completely and is well fleshed out. Like one lesson for functions, another for data types, etc.


no, this could result in something called cycle squeezing. Just make it into one long tutorial.

CodingCactus (4189)

no, splitting up a tutorial into multiple parts is what we call cycle squeezing

Kookiez (389)

@CodingCactus what about a long tutorial, (such as @fuzzyastrocat's language tutorial)?

CodingCactus (4189)

@Kookiez if you can show me the tutorial I'll see if it is alright to split up

CodingCactus (4189)

@Kookiez i see no reason to split it up, especially seeing as you have already written it

IMayBeMe (344)

I would say to keep it as one part as if you make two, people may accuse you of cycle squeezing, which no one wants.

tussiez (1515)

Because your tutorial is so long, I think you should split it up into two parts. Don't forget to leave the link to the second part, or else people won't find it :>