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DevCodxr (3)

How would I use php with because I have a github project that uses php to upload things on ShareX but when I choose php it doesnt come with a special domain or something like because I need it because it will be something like does anyone know how to do this?

If you have a example of something like this please let me know!


but dont use php - CLI is like python


go to new repl and choose php - webserver language

DevCodxr (3)

@qerewrad Yes I have done that if you look in my repls and click on webserve then you see i did that but it didnt work. and I need the domain for that you know?


create a file called index.php@DevCodxr


try making a new repl, and making it php. IT will work then. php is available in

DevCodxr (3)

@RYANTADIPARTHI No you will not get a domain link of if you do php if im correct.