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Setting a Password
nicklee11 (4)

Not sure what to do on line 5 and 6...any suggestions?

Answered by mat1 (4429) [earned 5 cycles]
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mat1 (4429)

You can check the length of a string by doing len(string), and you can compare lengths by doing int1 > int2 in your case, this would be while len(password) < 8 or len(password) > 15:
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nicklee11 (4)

@mat1 Thanks that worked! But would you know why my error messages wouldn't pop up? on line 12, also if I did enter correct, "password has been set" isn't popping up. Any idea what I did wrong?

mat1 (4429)

@nicklee11 You can check if two variables are equal with ==, for example; if password == password_confirm:. Also, in line 13, found is set to False which causes the next if statement to fail and not print anything.
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moudy (114)

@nicklee11 not sure if you saw the update but you can now accept comments as having answered your question. See the announcement for more info.

Is there something we could change to make this feature more noticeable?