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Service Workers (For web)
XavierDD (95)

So I made a html, js, css repl and I tried loading Monogatari but I end up getting this.

Service Workers are not available in this browser or have been disabled in the engine configuration. Service Workers are available only when serving your files through a server, once you upload your game this warning will go away. You can also try using a simple server like this one for development:


mat1 (4456)

Can you please give us a link to your repl? Also can you please provide us with the browser you're using? Thanks

XavierDD (95)

@mat1 I do have a link to the repl? The browser is IOS chrome and it works fine for everything else even ran there demo on my IPad.

There Demo

mat1 (4456)

@XavierDD Sorry, I'm blind xD
ServiceWorkers are still an experimental technology on iOS and are currently only enabled in Safari at the moment. This shouldn't really affect your website functionality, and it's more of a warning rather than an error.

XavierDD (95)

@mat1 Outputs undefined in the console on safari.

XavierDD (95)

I am still lost because shouldn't be running not on my device but a server somewhere else where it could run and serve the files?