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Server (Open Port) Not Recognized? Jekyll port 4000

In my Repl, I'm running a Jekyll server on local port 4000

In the past, just "auto-magically" recognizes open ports and makes them available publicly.

However, I'm having no luck when I test this URL:

Within my Repl, my server is replying.
(See file for the curl command I've used for testing)

It appears the server is running, but isn't getting out to the public.

This has always "just worked" in the past.
What should I do to make my server public?

Thank you!!!!!

Answered by RoBlockHead [earned 5 cycles]
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So the issue here is that the server is opening on and not, which is the IP that replit watches. I wish they would watch, but they don't


Also, any ports that are opened are sent to 80 and 443, so port doesn't matter


@RoBlockHead AHA! This MUST be it.
Every server I ran in the past must have been running on and I just didn't catch that detail.
You're a saint. THANK YOU!