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Screen Size
LeeJones1 (10)

Hi all,
I am teaching Pygame to my students (high school) and using Repl because many of them have Mac's and can't get Python to run. However, I do my coding in Atom. This code works fine in that program.
However, I imported everything into to show my class, but the screen is cropped(the image below shows what it looks like in Atom).
I have noticed this issue before. Is there a maximum screen size that Repl can handle? If so, what is it?

UniqueOstrich18 (322)

I don't know of a maximum resolution, but I do know that has a default resoltion of 800*600.

LeeJones1 (10)

Ah, I see. No way to change that?

UniqueOstrich18 (322)

@LeeJones1 I don't think there's a way.