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tlale (1)

So I am coding on my landing page ,however the name keep changing and literally there is a crush every now and then and I keep seeing the message that the code is being forked extra,meanwhile I am still here trying to figure out exactly what I want.really frastrated how could someone access my account and be changing my code

tlale (1)
Dart (1186)

Maybe reset your password?


Also, please don't spam caps. You can get your point across without screaming.

ash15khng (713)

If you have a secure password no one should be able to access your account. Maybe try changing your password.

tlale (1)

i am so sad and someone keep messing up my code .literally no privacy ,bye

mwilki7 (1134)

Do you have an example of code users changing your code in any of your repls?
Are you in school?
Do others use your account?
Do your friends know how to get on your account?
Do you share a computer at home or at school?
Is your password password?

I need a little extra context.

tlale (1)

@mwilki7 ,i am self teaching myself and no one knows my credential or neither do i have someone in my house who can use my computer as the only person i am with is months old. and ofcourse my password is password.might be it was hacked because lot of things got changed as i was coding and i ended up giving up