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SFML Setup
lovebob3 (2)


I have been using replit for a while now, and have recently gotten into setting up and using SFML for some of my C++ projects. However, starting last Thursday, it seems there has been an update of some sort to replit that has caused a segmentation fault in the main.bash file of my setup. I know of others who also use SFML on replit, and the same issue started happening to them around the same time. I was wondering if anyone had encountered this issue and knew of a fix or alternative solution. Thank you!

Answered by MatthewWesolows (35) [earned 5 cycles]
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MatthewWesolows (35)

I also encountered that problem, currently there is no fix. I did send it as a bug report, and a someone from the replit team emailed me telling me that he sent it to a team that will work on a fix.

Unless your willing to work with Xlib (a horribly complicated outdated library), your best bet is to wait.