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Running HTML Preview
CaraDirnberger (3)

I am new to and am trying to run HTML files to preview. I am able to preview the index file, but not additional html files. Can someone guide me with what to do?

eankeen (2176)


this is intended behavior. only the index.html will be previewed when you 'play' the repl. as others described, in your index.html, you could add a tags that link to other .html files in your project

AnastasiaSaint_ (1)

2 options:
1- add at the end of the url of the index /pagename.html
2- create a link to your second page in the first one. <a href="page2.html">page2</a>

Vandesm14 (2736)

You can open up the html file in another tab via first clicking the link, then going to /your-page.html. Now, each time you run your repl, just tab back to the and refresh it to get the new result.

If I answered your question:

kurrycat2004 (12)

There is a button to open the preview in a new tab. Just replace the index.html at the ending of the link with your filename. Unfortunately there is no way to see other html files than index.html in the preview while also seeing the code

Highwayman (1482)

Make index.html just be a bunch of links to the other pages...?

<a href="page1.htm">Page1</a>
<a href="page2.htm">Page 2</a>