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Run Script on Shell not Console
EugenioP (0)

Is it there a way to specify in ".replit" that I want to run the script in the Shell instead of the Console?

For some reason the Shell handle better the terminal dimensions required in my tool.
The Console instead seems to force the [80,24] chars size.


Coder100 (17126)

nope, the shell is not controlled by you. That's like a different terminal.

Imagine the console being the inline terminal in your vscode.
The shell is a new terminal you opened.

EugenioP (0)

Is it possible to detect the terminal size in the console?

EugenioP (0)

This is the issue,
For some reason in the Console the terminal size is reported as "fixed" to [80,24]

But you can write characters outside those boundaries:

In the Shell instead it return the correct size also after a resize: