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Forking causes the browser to continuously try to load code
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Forking code (that I want my students to try on their own) causes the browser to correctly fork the code, but fail to properly load the actual code in.


It's only after refreshing the browser is the code loaded and forked. Is there something on my end I'm not doing right?

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Answered by PixelNinja [earned 5 cycles]
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Yes, it's fine when forked. I was testing it out making sure that the students can fork the project and work on some of the exercises on their own.

I was testing it by opening the link ( in an incognito window and forking it. The fork works fine, but it doesn't load the code after forked. I have to reload the page and it works fine. I think that's how it's just going to have to work, not really sure and that's why I wanted to ask if I was doing it right :D