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Restore Deleted File?
hanlunli (7)

Me and my friend were working on a project, but he accidentally deleted it while trying to free up some space. The repel link was "".

Answered by eekboi (285) [earned 5 cycles]
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eekboi (285)

Go to then put in trash, next get the name of the deleted repl. In your case "GAME THINGY" and put these two parts in restore --name 'GAME THINGY' as that will restore the repl back to your account. NOTE: This method only works for entire repls and not files inside those repls

hanlunli (7)

@eekboi Thank you so much, my friend restored everything. :) :) :)

NoelB33 (351)

Create a new file named the same name as the old file, and go to the repls history. After this press change file, and go to the file you just created. Then, revert back to before the delete of the file.

hanlunli (7)

It was a project, not a file



thank you so much, you saved me so much time.

Coder100 (18125)

hmmm... maybe @theangryepicbanana can help you restore it. @AllAwesome497 is also another intern.