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Resetting with Hacker?

I have hacker plan but my bot still resets quite a lot. I had to change my startup so that it would install all of the modules that aren't automatic and it does it quite often. I thought it was "always on"? Why does it still force my bot to reset?

And it's not because it's being idle. It resets whether it's idle or in the middle of activity. We can be in the middle of a game and it will stop responding. I go to Replit and I see that it has reset and is reinstalling the modules again. It really messes up my timers that run in the background.

My bot isn't shutting itself down, either. I tested it by turning off Replit and running it at home for 2 days and it never shut down once. I put it back on Replit and within an hour it had reset.


it's changing servers on which the repl is hosted on, it only goes down for about 10 minutes every 12 hours.