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Repls keep stopping to update python packages

How do I stop from stopping my repls just to update packages and restart? I kinda need to keep them running.

Answered by Coder100 [earned 5 cycles]
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You can't. To save up space, (packages take up a lot of space), has to re-install packages.

Also, did you know that uses multiple containers to save up costs as well? When you go to a different container, the packages don't carry through.


@Coder100 I don't know what a container is? I just let the repl run so I never encountered their use.

Also one of my repls installs way too many packages that I depreciated in the project, how do I update the poetry to rescan my code for imported modules? This will at least minimize the loading time for installing unnessessary packages.


a container is basically like a folder, but more like an OS in itself.
Unfortunately, you can't really 'minimize' it, you could go to to have them cache some packages so they don't have to really take too long to be installed. I know like flask is, for example @SUPERMECHM500


maybe try refreshing, or install them again. Or, maybe it could be a bug. Report it.