24/7 Repls going offline?

I boosted and made one of my programs run 24/7, yet it continues to go offline randomly, there are no errors, it just stops. It's really annoying because I'm trying to get people to test out my Discord bot before I buy a VPS for it.

TL:DR - 24/7 Repl goes offline randomly without errors.

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Repls have to reboot every so often to switch servers, this is not something that can be stopped. Always On means that when it switches servers it will restart immediately, so downtime will be minimal.


@RoBlockHead I understand that it needs to switch servers, but the restarting doesn't happen or doesn't work well atleast. How would I make sure my bot is online/turn it on if it isn't once it switches servers?


@TheOnlyWayUp how does it not work well

explain please


@ch1ck3n I meant the restarts not working well, as my bot is evidently going offline without crashing.