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Repl's competition
Wilmor21 (101)

In what way is repl better than it's competition ( is the only I can think of) and in what ways (if any) is it worse? Are you working to improve those areas?

hayaodeh (199)

Ditto @amasad. We pay attention to our users and behavior. We have a strong mission and vision we're building towards to, we also build tools based on users needs. We consider ourselves very lucky because us and our users share the same vision, it's just a matter of time and technology being unlocked. this explains it really well

amasad (3454)

We don't pay a lot of attention to our competitors because we have a lot of users, like you (thank you!), giving us feedback on how to improve.

Companies that obsess over competition, especially that early in the company's life are... Well here is a meme that shows what I think.