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W6z5oAq (1)

When running the "hello world" code in chrome I get a successful output "Hello World!"

However, when I try to repeat this in firefox it seems to hang and never gives any output except:

Does anyone know what could be wrong with my firefox? I use the exact same extensions as I do on chrome.

Thank You

joshhies (219)

It works fine on my end tho?

malvoliothegood (851)

I am using Firefox 68 and it works fine for me.

mklinge4 (0)

It seems you have restrictions for cookies or an adblogger runnig. If you are blocking google or google analytics there is no chance to load .......

XavierFornari (0)

I have the same problem, with latest Firefox release.

And I suppressed any restrictions.

Gabi0 (0)

yeah me too. I had to disable uBLock Origin.
hope it can help.