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Replit running slow?

Is replit- python repls specifically- running slow for anyone else today? Or is that just me and my computer?


Yep, I also think it's super slow. I get these messages like "connecting" or "retrying", as well as the replit spinning logo, or the white loading symbol, etc.

And when you press run, it takes a long time to even start executing, then actually executing. And do you sometimes get this message that says "can't edit in read only mode"?

And perhaps when you upload images or stuff like that, you can't move it as it takes so long to load?

Don't worry, I'm also getting those annoying messages. Only thing to do is wait. Or reload the page. You could also open up the shell with cmd-shift-s or ctrl-shift-s and type kill 1 which gives you a new container.

You can also report to bugs by clicking the 'get help' button on the sidebar:

Then click 'report a bug':

Good luck! :D


This is a site issue. I have the issue with html, and node.js, and python. Also, i'm glad repl aint hosting my website, just the code for testing!


probably something to do with their new update to the site @AloegelhiPlaysR


Idk about python, but c++ has been slow for me.


so then it must be a site issue @ANDREWVOSS


@LegitGamerDude Yeah, that happens from time to time