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Replit not working properly
DillonB07 (61)


Is it just me, or is replit being really slow today?
I'm working on a Private repl project but whenever I type something it takes between 10 seconds and a minute to update the code.
I don't think it is my wifi/broadband as every other website works fine.
My network speed is around 120.1mb/s

Or, could it be because I am using two different repls at the same time?

Answered by ch1ck3n (2882) [earned 5 cycles]
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ch1ck3n (2882)

replit usually slows down momentarily

it should be fine in like 30 minutes- a day

DillonB07 (61)

@ch1ck3n Ok, thanks. Just wanted to check it wasn't my end or if there was anything I could do to resolve it,

ch1ck3n (2882)

@DillonB07 It happened to me too. I waited a bit and it fixed itself.