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jake3jam (0)

Hello, I have made a website and I recently just bought repl hacker to be able to host it. Now, this FLASK APP worked on my local client perfectly. When I was hosting the website it worked everything did. well so I thought... Now you see Login, Register etc worked. But this website uses proxies and threading for a certain task to bot models for roblox. so when ever someone clicked the button to do a task it crashed the website and did not let me connect to the website until 5 minutes after and it did not work.

ch1ck3n (2335)

maybe it needed so much processing power and relpit shut it down even for hacker

jake3jam (0)

@ch1ck3n I was thinking that too. But the thing is I have made something with more power and I never had this problem before. its weird

CodingEssence (126)

Did you boost your repl, maybe that could help