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11 won't load student's project


I'm a teacher and my class is using for a web project. One student reported not being able to load her project over the weekend and it's not loading in class either. She tried multiple platforms and browsers.

Other students are not having a problem. Is there a workaround?

3 years ago
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Replit has a limited cloud storage for every user
Excess use of storage will not let it load any project. You can still fork a project but you will not load it. If we look at the membership page it will show some sort of data like it shows 500mb for starter pack. That much cloud data it has. My suggestion is to either delete a few projects or create a new account. My best recommendation is to make a new account but if you have a couple of bucks to spare just buy hacker plan

I know I am late but hope it helps the new commers

11 months ago