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aderchox (3)

I've seen the cool ~1 min video on YouTube that shows how one can a Github project and run it. But now that I'm trying it on the uMario_Jakowski repository, although it's 99% written in C++, detects the project to be a Bash project and so can not run anything. It just keeps loading in the middle section of the page and also when I hit "Run" it shows the message "Unable to run, main file "" not found" in red. What do I do?

Answered by replitjeremy (90) [earned 5 cycles]
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replitjeremy (90)

hi @aderchox , can you link to the exact github repo you're trying to run?

replitjeremy (90)

hey @aderchox, I think struggles in this case because the repo is really big. We're working on improving support for large repos. We'll also be adding an error page for this case until we're able to run it effectively.

aderchox (3)

hey @replitjeremy, thank you for your response and I wish developers success.