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ebp11 (39)

I tried going to the site where one of my sites was hosted in the Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. ( ) When it did, I got this message:

When I went to edit the site, the editor URL was described by Chrome as dangerous.

The editor isn't blocked. The <iframe> where the Run button completes its task shows Dangerous in a new tab as well. However, when I was writing this post, the page showed secure.

Any ideas? Is there a new security hole in Or is Google incorrectly diagnosing the website? Does the code ( ) hiddenly link to any scripts that are malicious? Do I have a virus or trojan horse or worm or something on my chromebook? If so, how do I scan it?

Baconman321 (1058)

Replit hosts projects for anyone. So, logically, there is always a chance that someone hosts some malware on replit (I host a small userscript that is an example of a keystroke logger, but it hashes the contents before being stored, and you can choose not to download it, nor do I excessively encourage anyone so it isn't technically malware).

Also, your site mimics "installation" of an os, which is a bit suspicious to chrome considering that your website isn't well-known.

It works fine for me, but just remember that the chrome malware warning message will probably pop up for some websites that have similar "features" to your website.

RayhanADev (1947)

@Baconman321 I feel like you always answer these deceptive site questions xD.

Baconman321 (1058)

@RayhanADev This is legit my second one.

But yeah, IG...