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JaydenLiu1 (35)

Yes, you aren't reading it incorrectly. And no, you are reading it correctly. has lots of problems. No, not with the IDE code compiling, but with the Talk system.

On share there are a lot of people who are posting projects at the same time. But there are many projects from a few months ago hiding the new projects, meaning that some popular projects are the ones likely to be noticed and the new projects barely noticed at all.

Also the community has a few problems. Some of the people are criticizing with posting posts like "How to make a real coding language". The problem with the "REAL Coding Language" post is that it makes you defeated because you made a "fake" coding language in a few months. The pros don't see how much effort a beginner puts in their projects. They see that the beginners put no effort. ZERO.

So team, if you are seeing this, please make sure that the popular projects get taken off the "Hot" list on a certain amount of time, say 10 months.

Also please change your community. There is something I want made in the public profile pages: Coder Status. I want beginners to change the Coder Status to BEGINNER, intermediates to INTERMEDIATE, and pros to PROS so that people don't assume beginners as pros and criticize them thinking that they are dumb at coding.

CSharpIsGud (922)

That's the thing, the 'pros' see exactly the amount of effort a beginner puts in their projects.
Just making a beginner project isn't a problem.
When they start calling their projects something that they aren't, that's where the problem arises.
If you read my post, you will see that the types of those 'languages' do not take more than a day or two let alone over a month.
Even with the sympathizers of said 'languages' trying to make up philosophical excuses as to why they should be considered completely different things, in the end those excuses don't hold up.


etc, etc... just because you're a beginner does not mean you can go around posting stuff like:

cool_thing = input("YES OR NO?")
Whippingdot (570)

lol. I have seen you a lot on this guys posts, are you an alt? Or just new? @owoDev


@Whippingdot I'm a owo Dev.

CodeSalvageON (606)

Lmfao a script with a few functions is not a programming language

Wilke000 (626)

Waiitt... replit has lots of pickles!!??
Oh wait, that's my extension: problem to pickles

TsunamiOrSumth (552)

Hello @JaydenLiu1. Please dont clog up rep talk with spam. Put it in feedback or the discord server.

angrydoge (464)

.... There are a lot of new people making posts like rock paper scissors, those should get popular! But it shouldnt be a rock paper scissors post gets more than my FREAKING coding language