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shoury2021 (2)

[Not really a question, but don't talk about it]
Which one, the original domain name

VS. the, new domain name, I mean cring..

I actually like more than sounds kinda weird.

Comment which one you prefer...

Answered by RYANTADIPARTHI (6001) [earned 5 cycles]
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shoury2021 (2)

@RYANTADIPARTHI No, there's no answer. You just wanted cycles right?

shoury2021 (2)

@catspython is definetly cooler than

ZeroTixDev (23) >

SixBeeps (5062) looks better, but is easier to remember and is more professional. Idc either way.

RhinoRunner (799) >

Coder100 (17027)

sorry but is the more professional domain

shoury2021 (2)

@Coder100 Yeah, but was the OG domain name. Kinda sad, that it's changing.

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