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I've been waiting for approximately five minutes and the page has always been stuck loading:

Is this amount of wait time normal? I tried on incognito to see if it had something to do with cookies/cache but that doesn't work either.


I have the same problem in a classroom environment where some machines connect fine and some don't intermittently. very frustrating


@SplashWave are you using through a proxy such as a school or office network?


I should note that the loading bar will continue moving only that it loops over and over.


For me, the solution is to use a different browser, I use chrome and I just switch to safari when that happens. It usually works.


I have the same problem but with only one java project


I'm having the exact same problem. I don't think it is network related (on my side), nothing has changed from when it was working ~5 hours ago.


It's working again now, I assume the answer was this:

If that is true and it's just downtime for upgrades on the Repl side, can you (Repl) change the messaging so we don't think it's an issue with the code/repl/connection? Site/server downtime is very understandable, it's only frustrating from the lack of clarity.


@smailliwretep The issue is that we can't really know with certainty what's causing the connection issue - it could be that our service is down, or it could be that a browser extension is interfering with it, or it could be that the network itself is blocking it (e.g. in a school or office), etc.


always loading without run


I happens at home, no matter which broswer or computer I use, so I guess its a slow internet connection? One workaround is to use the 'open in a new tab' icon and it opens the application in a new window (without code though)


I mean, that will happen to me, but
1. It won't loop the loading over and over again
2. It only happens when I leave the tab open overnight or something like that
3. I can just reload the page and it will work.
I mean there was one time, where it just wouldn't load, but it was right after I had turned off allowing 3rd party cookies, but the cookies are allowed now, and it works just fine! This might be the problem, so look into that.

Have a good day!